San Juan Bay Estuary Tides – Las Mareas en el Estuario de la Bahía de San Juan, Puerto Rico

After roughly eight months of recording water levels in the San Juan Bay Estuary, I was finally able to develop stable tidal harmonics models for some of the water bodies. Harmonic components for each water body were calculated using the TideHarmonics package from A.G. Stephenson in the R programming language. These components were then loaded into a Google sheet, where I then translated the predict.tide function (also from A.G. Stephenson) into javascript. This allows me to compute new tide tables everyday for each water body.

The below graphs are updated each day automatically and are based on recordings every 15 minutes since May of 2016. Units are in meters in reference to the mean water level at each location for Piñones lagoon, Torrecillas Lagoon, and The un-dredged portion of Caño Martin Peña.